MINERVAS is a movement of women who share the desire to do something: for people nearby, for the community or for the planet. They particularly feel the need to do something concrete to make our world a better place.
They have an intuition that they have something valuable to offer to others, something that in their minds can be of service to the planet.

We have found it in women of different ethnicities, cultures, ages, and religions who feel connected with the Minervas movement, sensing it as something they knew existed in the depths of their hearts. Andwhen they hear about it, they recognize it; they are surprised and filled with joy to see that “it exists”.

As a movement, MINERVAS allows women to feel they belong to a larger network that is not bound by geographical borders; that they are part of a social fabric of feminine souls, compassionate and focused, determined to take action. They want to become engaged in projects that can be small or large; in projects which can be relatively simple and short- term, or complex and long-term; and they are open to working in a crisis such as helping victims of an earthquake, or supporting a non-profit organization.

They carry out initiatives that touch the heart of a child, or change the destiny of a whole community. The scope is not important: what matters is to raise the collective awareness that we have something to contribute, and that the world needs our contribution urgently. The Minervas movement implies action, but is also more than action. It’s the manifestation, through actions, of an outlook that we all, women and men, have buried in the depth of our soul. It is a perspective that views the world with compassion and empathy, seeks collaboration with others, and acknowledges with humility that we are part of all Nature. It is wisdom that manifests itself in the voice of our intuition. It uses feelings as a guide for action and underscores that we all have a mission: a peacemaking responsibility with each other.

And it all begins with you, giving yourself the permission to listen to your own voice, to stand up, and make your voice heard, in both words and actions.

Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D. Co-Founder

Teilhard de Chardin put it: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

“We all leave a footprint, daily, with
every decision and every interaction.
We have the opportunity to change
the world, in this simple way.”

Isabel Rimanoczy, Legacy Coach

Minervas, Women Changing the World was founded in 2009 and is registered in the USA as a 501 (c) (3) philanthropic organization.

Minervas inspires, promotes and supports self-managing groups of women that share the desire to make a difference. The groups are created and operate in an independent and autonomous way.


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