Three easy steps to start your Circle of Dialogue


  What is a Circle of Dialogue?     RDM foto

The Circles of Dialogue are a central piece of the Minervas’ movement. They are a simple process based on the concept that self-managed groups of women can provide a place for deeper conversations, and mutual support.

The Circle of Dialogue has two purposes: to develop consciousness and to promote intentional actions in the community.

By addressing profound and important daily topics the participants develop self-awareness and become more conscious of the valuable contribution they have for the world: The feminine perspective carrying ancestral wisdom, so much needed these days.

The practice of Dialogue in itself is a powerful experience that creates new habits of communication which are seeds of peace.

The participants of a Circle become more intentional in bringing the feminine energy to their families, workplace, neighborhood, communities, and this is how we change the world.

Get support

Are you ready to start a Circle with your friends? We want to hear from you and help you set it up! Contact us @  for a free and caring support via email, Skype or Webinar.

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