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Heart Is Where The Home Is

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I’m writing you from the little town of Quesada, Costa Rica.  We’re just finishing the filming of our new series, “Secrets of the Ancient Healers”, which I’ll be sharing with you in a few months.  More on that later – on to today’s piece!

It seems ironic to be writing you about “home” right now considering that I am thousands of miles away from my own, but maybe we need a little distance to truly understand the things we take for granted.

Every time I head out on long adventures into the bush I miss my wife and son to no end, and usually that bittersweet sensation runs me for a while.  Last week, somewhere between Copán and Guatemala City, an all-to-familiar sense of homesickness began to creep in.  But something in me felt that it was time to re-examine this emotion and work with it.

home6bigOnce I reached the heart of the matter I realized that home might be something that I can bring with me from now on.  Let me explain.

Home is something that many of us feel deep within.  When things get rough in our lives, we yearn for a return to home.  But what is it really?  Is home that old house you grew up in and the warm biscuits that your mom used to bake on Sundays?  Or is it something a bit more complex?

This is where the concept of duality comes in. Similar to light and dark, if the essence of home is a feeling of comfort and sanctuary then the opposite would be a feeling of fear and turmoil.  And if fear can follow us around everywhere we go (including into our physical home) in the form of unresolved emotional trauma, logic would suggest that the warmth of home can do the same.

When we’re trying to work through traumatic memories, a seasoned therapist will always keep us connected to the FEELING we experienced during those painful events.  Yes, the event itself is important, but when trying to work with and release the negative charge from harrowing recollections, tapping into the sensation we experienced is the fastest way to transformation.

Is it possible that this process can be reverse wired to help us cultivate an enduring inner expression of peace and sanctuary that we can take out into the world with us?

home3What if you could make every room you walk into your home?  I have a feeling we would show up much differently to others and to ourselves.

I’m not alone in this theory.  Here are some relevant words of wisdom from acclaimed author Tad Williams:

“Never make your home a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You’ll find what you need to furnish it – memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey.”

Looking at some of the most celebrated figures in history, the ones who really risked it all and put themselves out there, I sometimes wonder what was going on behind those calm and collected countenances.  Were they just good at swallowing their worries and stepping forward or were they actually quite comfortable in the scenarios they threw themselves into?

In one of the great Yogi Bajan’s introductory teachings he said:

“If you do not develop a meditative mind, you will always live in fear and you will have an itchy irritated nervous system.”

Nourishing a “meditative mind” could almost be seen as a method of making the entire world ones home.

The old saying declares, “Home is where the heart is”.  But I’ve met many travelers who seemed right at home on my couch or in a lean-to hut on top of a remote mountaintop.  Looking at their unwavering contentedness with the world, it feels like the saying could also read “Heart is where the home is”.

In our toughest moments, when the material illusion of this world falls away, many of us have seen that our souls are all that remain once the dust settles.  And true to the quote above, most indigenous spiritual disciplines view the heart as the vessel for our soul. Why not make our home here?

The price is unbeatable and the foundation is guaranteed to last.

Truly yours,

Nick Polizzi Director, The Sacred Science


  • It's just for me in these days...looking forward where my HOME-HEART is...

    • Posted by Mariam Tamborenea
    • April 13, 2014 at 10:40 am

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