Manos c varita mágica chica  What is a Change Angel? 

Change Angels are women that have become aware of the contribution they can make, and have learned how to set up a Circle of Dialogue, invite other women, facilitate the Dialogue and show others how they can do it too.

Why is it important?

You may be a teacher, a business woman, an artist, an admin, an orchestra conductor, a mother, a political leader, a factory worker, a professional, a physician, a social worker, a care taker…. Whatever dream you decide to follow, you have the opportunity to bring a special feminine perspective of compassion, peace, integration of differences and creativity, and manifest that perspective in actions.

You have the opportunity to become a Change Angel, to shape the world you want to live in. To do so, we need to learn to have dialogues, to speak up and really listen to each other, to explore and share from the depth of our hearts. Dialogues create habits of peace.

How does it work?

We will train you to become a Change Angel. In a one day workshop you will first experience the magic of a Minervas Circle of Dialogue, where intriguing questions are explored through artistic expression and dialogue. Then we will teach you how to spread the seeds of peace and replicate this experience in other groups: with your friends, family, in your neighborhood, in your church. You will become a Change Angel, a woman changing the world.

So what?

When a Change Angel goes out she brings a gift of peace and intentional kindness into the workplace, the community, the family or group of friends. She is a multiplier: she replicates an experience that is both playful and reflective, by connecting artistic creativity with deep dialogues on issues that really matter. These magic Circles of Dialogue develop skills of listening to each other, and create spaces to connect in a different way, to support each other. These are competencies for life and a process to make a difference in the world.


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