02 Feb

By Dawn
I recently experienced my first Minervas gathering of sisterhood whose collective spirits embraced me unconditionally. Rushing to get to Isabel’s on time, my late arrival was greeted by welcoming hugs and non-verbal communication that seemed to say ‘all is as it should be’. And indeed, it was!

Isabel’s home, a living sanctuary, encircled us with a light, a rhythm, a sense of calm that moved us (a sisterhood of six) to dance to its pulse and flow. And, how I love to dance!

This tempo began with Sandra’s guided meditation, setting the tone for the awakening to come. We breathed, we dreamed, we visioned, we traveled as she metaphorically took our hands and counseled with her soothing voice of consciousness. Embarking on this journey was only the beginning. It opened us up to expressing our innermost feelings, allowing us to set our intensions.

Then we bathed in the rhythmic language of the gong. Perched on a stand overlooking the beckoning garden just beyond the large bay window, the golden, spherical instrument spoke in unique voices to each of us. With sensitive strokes of her mallet, Isabel awakened life’s melody as she communicated with the gong, guiding its dazzling light to our paths. Even the wind joined in this collective conversation, moving from pianissimo to crescendo, creating a melodious meditation.

Have you ever danced to music so soulful you get lost in it, travel to distant places, and come out of it a different person? That was my experience. I felt unburdened, lighter, safe, happy! My sisters had similar experiences, but in quite different ways… As it should be.

Completing the circle of this Minervas experience, we entered a meditative labyrinth in search of nothing but simply being in the moment. Like so many of us, we walk through labyrinths throughout our lives without knowing it. A metaphor for life, these networks of being and movement are to be navigated one stop at a time. But instead, we analyze, question, and doubt…that’s when we falter and lose our way. Sandra’s mindful labyrinth gently reminded us to live now, not in the future, not in the past, as we often tend to do.

At the end of this meditative web we found it…the Secret Garden. Wild, rustic, lush, green, breath, lived in, the garden on the edge of the water assured us that this is life, this is love, this is peace… As it should be.



  • Dear Dawn, you are a new flower for our Secret Garden, Secret but Shared Garden, that everyone must discover by themselves...that's the journey, the inner one...and at the end, the Big Unique Gathering: We Are All One, the same beautiful flower-Soul

    • Posted by Mariam Tamborenea
    • February 4, 2017 at 10:43 am

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